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(We do not handle booking. For inquiries, please contact The Middle East HERE, do not email us.)

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Xmortis Monster A-Go-Go!

Friday the 8th of October!

 18+ $15 AT THE DOOR (no presale) 9pm - 2am. ($13 before 10:00) Proper ID and Proof of Vaccination against covid-19 is Required for Entry!* (A valid, state issued photo ID or Passport and your Vaccination Card or a picture of it). MASKS will also be REQUIRED at this event!*

*Please bear with us as we continue our efforts to emerge from the last year plus of lockdown safely and comply with State, Local & Venue requirements, thank you!

DJ Chris Ewen & guest DJ Howie D. Rivet mix Goth & Industrial with a little Deathrock, Horrorpunk, & Psychobilly mixed in while our Gory Go-Go-Ghouls get you Go-Go-Going on the dance floor! +CANDY!CANDY!CANDY!!

Xmortis is 18+ $15 9pm - 2am. ($13 before 10:00) Proper ID and Proof of Vaccination against covid-19 is Required for Entry! (A valid, state issued photo ID or Passport and your Vaccination Card or a picture of it). MASKS will also be REQUIRED at this event!

*Please bear with us as we continue to try to comply with State, Local, & Venue requirements to safely emerge from a lengthy pandemic shutdown.

STRICT DRESS CODE: Goth, Industrial, Cybergoth, Dark Cosplay, Fetishwear, Gothic Lolita, Goth, Industrial, Creepy Cosplay, Fetishwear, Gothabilly, Monster, Go-Go-Ghoul, Scream Queen, Graveyard Greaser, Spookshow Pinup, Vintage Horror Icon, Creative Attire Encouraged., MINIMUM ALL BLACK! 


Mask mandate is in effect for the City of Cambridge:

Face coverings may be removed when actively eating or drinking. Masks must be worn for all other indoor activities, including ordering at a bar or dancing.


Middle East Downstairs (Brookline St. Entrance)
472-480 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139

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Taking pictures with your friends on your phones is totally OK at Xmortis. Please be respectful of other guests and have fun!

DO NOT BRING PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT TO XMORTIS. We have our own people for that. You will be asked not to bring camera equipment into Xmortis OR to check it with coat check. Anyone found in violation of this will be asked to leave.  Xmortis is a community event, not a tourist attraction.

Anyone found to be misrepresenting themselves as an official photographer for Xmortis will be BANNED!

A few words on safety and behavior at Xmortis:  From time to time, unpleasant, unwelcome things can happen during your night out. The best and simplest thing we, as a community as a whole can do, is stay vigilant and remember to look out for one another. If you feel that something is wrong, someone is bothering you, you feel strange like you may have been dosed, or even if you've just had too much to drink, find your friends AND/OR a venue staff member or event promoter, whomever you can get to first, and ask for help.

If you see something, say something. If you see something suspicious, tell someone, please try to make sure that information gets to a staff member for the event and/or venue. We don't want to foster paranoia or an atmosphere of tension, but please do report things that you see which do not seem right. We, at Xmortis, strive to provide the safest environment possible to our community and friends. The more we know and the sooner we know it, the better we can respond to a situation.

Now, on to the other side of this coin. If you find yourself being the one asked to stop and or go away/leave someone alone, DO SO. Take this seriously, stop what you are doing, and get out of their personal space. Be polite, apologize simply, quickly, and mean it, and then go be somewhere else. Do not linger about, continuing to take up their time and personal space trying to get them to accept your apology or presence. Go elsewhere, do not repeat the behavior with someone else, and give some thought to how you can better respect peoples boundaries and have more positive interactions in your life.

And certainly don't go getting pissy with the offended party, just leave; if this is how you react to people setting boundaries with you, then you need to leave, go home, and think about that long and hard. Can't get past this bit?
Don't come.

If you are asked to leave Xmortis by Venue or Event staff, please comply without argument; if you want to share your side of the story, please do so upstairs, away from the situation and somewhere that Staff can actually hear what you have to say.


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